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Where to go for advice or support

  • The Exams webpage contains information and tips on how to prepare for your upcoming exams.

  • Student Connect is available to assist via chatAskMQ or +61 2 9850 6410.

  • If you are unwell or become unwell during the final exam, or experience serious and unavoidable difficulties, you can consider applying for Special Consideration. Note: Macquarie operates under a 'Fit to Sit' model, were, in sitting an examination (either online or on-campus), you are declaring yourself fit to do so.

Examination Timetables information/updates

15 October 2021: Draft MQBS Term 4 exam timetable released.

13 October 2021, 1pm:
Final exam timetable released for Session 2, OUA 2nd Session, and Medicine B.

29 September 2021, 1pm: 
Draft Session 2, OUA 2nd Session, and Medicine B exam timetables available now.

Online exam types - time zones and overseas students:
If you are an overseas student and have an exam that is scheduled outside of MQs operational hours of 7am to 10pm in your local time zone, you may apply for an adjustment to your exam start time. For example, an exam scheduled to start at 10am Sydney time equates to 3am start time in Dubai, UAE.  If you want to apply for a time adjustment, complete this form by Wednesday 20 October (Wed, Week 11)Important Note: these time adjustments may result in your exam being scheduled on a different date within the exam period (may require a move to the final week of the exam period, i.e. 22-26 Nov).

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1. (Important step!) There are 4 (four) distinct exam periods to choose from (i.e. MQBS Term 4, OUA 2nd Session, Medicine B, Session 2).

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