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UPDATE 2nd Dec 2022, 6.30pm -  The Session 2 Supplementary timetable (including OUA) by unit is now available. Students can view their personalised timetable by logging in with their student ID and password on the right.

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SUPPLEMENTARY SESSION 2, 2022 (including S2 OUA) - 8th to 20th December:

  • 5 Dec 2022, approx. 5pm: Release of on-campus room/seat numbers, Zoom links
  • 2 Dec 2022, approx. 6.30pm: Release of timetable by unit and student personalised timetables


Q. What does the comment in the notes column mean

A. There are four main exam types. This comment refers to the primary exam delivery type for each unit.

Q. I have been approved to sit my on-campus exam online but the comment still says 'Invigilated face-to-face on-campus exam'. What does this mean?

A. The comment in the 'Notes' column refers to the primary exam delivery type for the entire unit. If you have been approved and transferred to online, you will see a Zoom link in the 'Room' column and this means that you will sit online and not on-campus.

Information for invigilated online exams via Zoom:

This type of exam will be invigilated (supervised) by the central examinations staff via Zoom and delivered via iLearn. A detailed information guide is available: full student guide.  A short guide is also available.

If you are scheduled to sit an online exam invigilated via Zoom, you will see a Zoom link in the 'Room' column. Note that you may see 'Zoom link to be advised'. We are updating this information periodically and please do not be concerned - you will be allocated to a Zoom exam room link.

What happens next?  For each exam that is invigilated via Zoom, you will be sent an email (to your offical student account) confirming your Zoom exam link and with specific information such as type of exam (online quiz and/or download/handwritten), permitted/not permitted aid and materials, etc. as well as confirming Zoom procedures and other important tips to help ensure your exam runs as smoothly as possible. These emails will be sent 36 to 48 hours prior to each exam.